Bad Breath

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Bad breath is a very common and treatable problem but causes a lot of embarrassment in everyday life.

Bad breath is caused by numerous factors present in the body. Starting from the mouth, when ever foodparticles stick between teeth and on the gums and arenot cleaned by brushing and flossing, they can rot. These rotten food particlescauses foul smell leading to bad breath.

The bacteria growing out of these food particles can give rise to gum diseases too. A warning sign to be noticed in gum problems is a resistant bad breathor bad taste in the mouth.

Certain things that we eat and drink does affect our breath. Foods like garlic, onions, soda, cheese, certain juices and spices contribute to bad breath.

Once the food is absorbed in the blood stream they reach the lungs and are expelled, which gets mixed with our breath and give bad odor.

Chronic lung infection, liver or kidney diseases and diabetesare too certain conditions thatcause bad breath.

Another cause is dry mouth which occurs when salivary flow deccreases or ceases. As this condition sets in, the bacteria does not get washed away or dislodged from crevices or spaces between the teeth by salivary flow and lead to bad breath.

Tobacco, alcohol and related products too caused bad breath. In short, gum diseases, dental decay, dry mouth, food enlodgement, improper oral hygiene, tonsil infections, bronchitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, liver diseases, chronic living infections, carcinomas, diabetes, kidney diseases, gastritis and acid reflux, tobacco, alcohol and related products are causes of bad breath.

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